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IUV is the leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

UV LED Curing System

LED UV Is The Inevitable Trend In Printing, Coating And Converting Industries

UV LED Curing Light Is Unique In Performance And Valuable For Printing Industry

UV is proud to present our advanced UV curing light system, designed to revolutionize the full cure, printing, coating, and converting applications. With its high power capabilities, our UV curing light system delivers exceptional performance and reliability, ensuring optimal curing results for a wide range of industries.

  • Versatility: One of the key advantages of our UV curing system is its versatility. Our LED UV curing lights are compatible with almost all curing lights available on the market, whether they are ARC or LED-based. This adaptability makes it incredibly convenient for you to upgrade and transform the curing system of your existing machines. You can seamlessly integrate our UV curing lights into your current setup, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your curing process.
  • Optical prism design: At the heart of our UV curing light system is our efficient optical prism design. This innovative design enables our UV LED curing system to achieve the lowest energy consumption in history. Compared to traditional ARC ultraviolet systems, our LED UV curing system can save up to 70% of energy, significantly reducing the operating costs of the printing industry. Not only does this result in substantial cost savings, but it also contributes to a greener and more sustainable environment.
  • Stable and controllable UV output:Furthermore, our LED UV curing system offers stable and controllable UV output. Unlike traditional ARC systems that require preheating, our LED technology eliminates the need for this step. The excellent luminous efficiency and wavelength selectivity of LED allows for uniform distribution of high-density UV energy in the curing area.This uniform distribution ensures thorough and consistent curing, leading to better printing quality. The vibrant colors, sharp details, and impeccable curing performance achieved with our UV curing light system elevate the overall print quality to new heights.

With IUV’s UV curing light system, you can experience the power of precision and efficiency in your curing process. Our advanced technology not only enhances the quality of your prints but also reduces energy consumption and operating costs. Upgrade to IUV’s UV curing light system and unlock the full potential of your full cure, printing, coating, and converting applications. Elevate your printing experience with IUV’s cutting-edge UV curing solutions.

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IUV is leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

UV LED Curing Light Video

In this video, you can get an overview of the UV LED curing light features and benefits, highlighting its potential to help your business.

IUV's UV LED Light Option
Flexo LED uv curing light

Flexo LED UV Curing Light

Compatible with numerous flexographic printing engines from different brands. It delivers eco-friendly, energy-saving, and steady performance.
Sheet-fed Offset LED uv curing light

Sheet-fed Offset LED UV Curing Light

This sheet-fed offset LED system is a common technology for large-scale sheet-fed offset printing.

Intermittent Label Offset LED uv curing light

Intermittent Offset LED UV Curing Light

This intermittent offset LED Curing setup facilitates swift and easy PS plate production and guarantees no time is wasted between proofing & printing.

Satellite LED uv curing light

Satellite LED UV Curing Light

This satellite UV LED curing mechanism is compatible with virtually any paper or materials. Additionally, it can cure numerous UV ink types.

Pre-cured LED UV Curing Light

This pre-cure LED curing equipment has reduced UV energy, perfect for swiftly shaping the ink droplets’ surfaces ejected from an inkjet printer.

High-speed LED uv curing light

High-speed LED UV Curing Light

The high-speed LED uses the technology of line-focus light source to cure printing inks or ink-deep gradation fully.

IUV's UV LED Curing Control System
UV Curing Light Chiller System

IUV Cooling Technology

Our cooling system guarantees uniform, steady & and extended UV radiation output and effectively eliminates the excess heat yielded by UV systems.

IUV HMI Control System

IUV HMI Control System

The HMI has a remote monitoring operation that allows IUV gadgets to be linked to the cloud server via Wi-Fi, cables, 5G, and other internet access.

IUV Power Supply System

Our exceptional power supply can guarantee that the running current of every LED chip is equal, which considerably extends the lifespan of the LED chip.

IUV Automatic Width Measurement

IUV Automatic Width Measurement

IUV’s automatic width measurement system is designed to spot the position and width of the substrate instantly and shifts automatically for the required curing area.

UV Curing System Retrofit

Our LED UV curing lights can adapt to almost all curing lights on the market, whether it’s ARC or LED, making it very convenient for you to upgrade and transform the curing system of existing machines.

We have handled over 5,000 UV LED curing system retrofitting projects globally, which keeps surging annually.

Typically, the lead times for the new machines are over a year. However, our UV retrofits come with less than 21 days of lead time. Again, we have a technical team of experts to offer one-to-one solutions to all your issues about retrofitting your UV setup. This will certainly inject fresh blood into an old printing setup at a more affordable price.
To offer a more intimate service to our clients who have an existing printing system installed, our curing system retrofits can upgrade LED UV curing gear and UV lamps. We can also retrofit mercury arc curing systems. Besides, our UV retrofit installation involves installing the UV curing gear on a printing press that the client uses or is already there.
Upgrade To UV LED
The significant energy-saving ability of over 70% of IUV's LED curing system has been proven in various printing equipment.
How to make your printing equipment more energy-efficient?
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