Pre-cure UV LED Curing System

This pre-cure LED curing equipment has reduced UV energy, perfect for swiftly shaping the ink droplets' surfaces ejected from an inkjet printer.
When you don't have pre-cure LED equipment, the droplets of ink will spread out randomly, and the pattern will be unclear.

Pre-cure UV LED System
Flexo printing machine curing light
Pre-cure UV LED System
UV LED Curing System for flexo printing
Pre-cure UV LED System
Pre-cure UV LED System
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Pre-cure UV LED Curing Equipment
  • Our pre-cure UV LED curing equipment is eco-friendly, affordable, and efficient. Additionally, we have manufactured two types of pre-cure UV LED curing equipment:

    Model: IUV-INK/L2 – Perfect for high-power twin-row COB chip

    Model: IUV-INK/L1 – Perfect for reduced power one-row lamp beads

  • We have a reliable and skilled team of expert R&D consultants who continuously overcome technical glitches for UV systems. Furthermore, we create new LED UV curing systems every three months. These products rely on the latest technology, with benefits like eco-friendliness, energy saving, and automatic control.
  • Here at IUV, we have been specializing in the UV LED sector for one and a half decades, always innovating and applying new technology, using the latest production techniques, debuting multiple UV curing systems, and custom-made products with the necessary functions by clients depending on the printing conditions.
Pre-cure UV LED Curing
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