UV CURING control system
IUV is the leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

Modular Combination Power Supply Technology

lUV Not Only Provides Curing Equipment, But Also Provides A Complete Set Of Curing Solutions For Printing Industry.

What is Modular Combination Power Supply Technology

IUV deeply know how modular design can help to improve printing production management. We has developed a unique constant voltage and constant current control system, which can effectively ensure that the working current of each LED chip is the same, extend the working life of the LED as far as possible, and improve the curing quality, curing speed, reliability and expand ability, and ensure the stability and low failure rate of the whole system.

IUV's Modular Combination Power Supply System

By directly adjusting the current output to each_ED chip through software.the miisecona switch with non-destructive lifetime and non-polar dimming can be achieved(the accuracy is up to 1%).

Easy To Expand

Man-machine interface,PLC main controller, water cooler, voltage source, current source and LED module light box are all connected by means of communication,which is easy to expand connect.



Current feedback,voltage feedback and temperature feedback integrate all kinds of contro and protection.

Prelong Lifespan

Guarantee the real constant current control of each chip.Power Supply System greatly prolong the life of the LED chip.


Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of parameters and uploadina data to higher-leve servers for higher-level control.


High Power Supply Efficiency

Power supply efficiency up to 94%.

Latest Power Supply Technology

The latest power supply technology of the power module can be added according to the customer's needs.

What Make IUV's Modular Combination System Different
  • Modular Design: A modular combination power supply station is designed to accommodate multiple lamp modules that can be connected together. Each lamp module contains a UV lamp and associated control circuitry. This modular design allows for flexibility in configuring the number and arrangement of lamps based on the application needs. In contrast, a traditional power supply typically supports a single UV lamp and is not easily expandable or reconfigurable.
  • Scalability: The modular combination power supply station offers scalability, allowing for easy expansion or reconfiguration of the UV curing system. Additional lamp modules can be added or removed as needed, providing flexibility to adapt to changing production requirements. Traditional power supplies, on the other hand, are generally fixed and do not offer the same level of scalability.
  • Independent Control: In a modular combination power supply station, each lamp module can be independently controlled and adjusted. This enables precise control over curing parameters such as intensity, exposure time, and curing profiles for each individual lamp. Traditional power supplies typically provide limited control options and may not offer the same level of flexibility in adjusting curing parameters for individual lamps.
  • Monitoring and Diagnostics: IUV Modular combination power supply stations offer advanced monitoring and diagnostics features. These features allow for real-time monitoring of lamp performance, power usage, and system status. They can also provide alerts or notifications in case of any issues or abnormalities, facilitating proactive maintenance and troubleshooting. Traditional power supplies may have limited or no monitoring capabilities.
  • Efficiency and Power Distribution: Modular combination power supply stations are designed to efficiently distribute power among the lamp modules, minimizing energy waste and optimizing power consumption. This can result in cost savings and improved overall system efficiency. Traditional power supplies may not have the same level of power distribution capabilities.
Why You Need IUV Modular Combination Power Supply System
  • The power system adopts a combined stacked design, which is composed of a mother module and some sub modules. The number of mercury lamp power modules and LED power modules can be combined according to customer needs, making it flexible and convenient for customers to expand in the future.
  • The human-machine interface, main controller of the mother module, sub module controller, chiller, voltage source, current source, LED lamp box, fan frequency converter, etc. are all connected using CAN or RS485 communication methods, making it easy to expand and connect.
  • The power efficiency is as high as 94%, and the power factor is as high as 98%.
  • Real time remote monitoring of parameters, remote software upgrade, and the ability to upload data to higher-level servers for control.
  • Current feedback, voltage feedback, power feedback, and temperature feedback integrate various control algorithms and protections.
  • Both LED and mercury lamps adopt soft start, non-destructive life switch, and millisecond level stepless dimming function (with an accuracy of up to 1%)
UV CURING control system
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