IUV-Advancing UV Curing System for Printing, Coating and Converting
About IUV

IUV is the Chinese leading manufacturer of UV and LED curing equipment for the printing and coating industry. Customers worldwide choose IUV as their trusted partner because of the strong focus on product experience, efficient service, and high return on investment,

As pioneers in driving LED technology into the curing industry, IUV is at the forefront of UV innovation. One of our key objectives is to breathe new life into existing old printing machines by offering our advanced LED curing systems. Promoting LED UV curing systems alongside our ARC UV curing lamps, we aim to enhance production efficiency, reduce visible usage costs, and improve printing management for our customers. Additionally, we are dedicated to achieving invisible environmental benefits by minimizing the environmental impact of our products.

  • Modularity and intelligent design are at the core of IUV product development philosophy. Our modular LED curing system and power supply system are designed to be economical, flexible, and easy to operate. These features make printing, coating, and converting production management more streamlined and efficient than ever before. Customers can experience enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and simplified operations from IUV’s UV curing system.
  • At IUV, we understand the unique needs of our customers and strive to provide tailored solutions. Our commitment to efficiency and low cost is reflected in our product offerings, ensuring that our customers achieve optimal results while maximizing their return on investment.

When you choose IUV, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to delivering top-quality UV curing solutions and exceptional customer support. We are committed to your success and strive to exceed your expectations at every step. Experience the power of advanced UV curing technology with IUV. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help transform your printing and coating processes.

IUV is the leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

Advancing UV Curing System for Printing, Coating and Converting

IUV is the Chinese leading manufacturer of UV and LED curing equipments for the printing and coating industry.

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IUV's UV Curing System

In IUV's view, UV curing has never been just a lamp, but a complex high-tech system. It is a complete setup for the UV curing process.

IUV provides a complete range of UV curing solutions, including UV curing light, power supply systems, HMI control systems, intelligent UV lighting control system, cooling systems, and other functional components. IUV can meet your UV curing needs in a comprehensive and integrated manner.

Sheet-fed Offset LED uv curing light
IUV UV Curing Lighting Source

IUV provides both mercury curing lamps and LED UV curing light. It emits high-intensity UV radiation, to initiate the curing process.

IUV HMI Control System
IUV HMI Control

IUV HMI (Human-Machine Interface) control system allows operators to interact with and control the UV curing process.

IUV Automatic Width Measurement
Intelligent UV Lighting Control

IUV intelligent UV lighting control system makes the UV curing process easier and more energy-saving than ever.

IUV uv curing light Power Supply
IUV Power Supply

IUV power supply system ensures that the UV lamp receives the appropriate voltage and current to emit the required UV radiation for the curing process.

UV Curing Light Chiller System
IUV Cooling

IUV cooling system helps maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring the longevity and performance of the system.


IUV has a wide range of UV curing systems that will fulfill virtually any converting or printing requirement.
All our products are perfectly compatible with most printing presses like flexo, letterpress, rotary screen, gravure, digital inkjet, screen, pad, litho, and sheet-fed offset.

LED UV curing light
UV LED Curing System
LED UV curing systems provide energy efficiency, instant on/off capabilities, longer lifespan, heat management, environmental friendliness, and precise control. These advantages make it a preferred choice for printing, coating, and converting industries.
ARC UV curing lamp
Mercury UV Curing System
Mercury curing system is a mature curing solution that provides a broad spectrum of high-intensity UV light. It is a cost-effective and versatile option for various applications and a wide range of materials.
uv curing
UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System
IUV LED & Mercury exchanging system is flexible to switch between mercury UV lamps and LED UV lamps, allowing for optimal curing performance, energy efficiency, and adaptability to different materials and applications.
Don't Know How to Choose The Right UV Curing System for you?
Check IUV’s Applications For Your Suitable Curing Solution
UV curing system for Flexo Press Printing
Flexo Printing

Also called flexographic printing, this is a cutting-edge high-speed printing technique, often used for printing mass packages and labels.
IUV-FP series UV curing system fits for flexo press printing.

UV curing system for Intermittent Label Offset Printing
Intermittent Offset Printing

Intermittent offset printing is a specific type of offset printing that involves printing on individual sheets or labels in a stop-and-start motion.
IUV-PS/RP series UV curing system fits for intermittent label offset printing.

UV curing system for Sheet-fed Offset Printing
Sheet-fed Offset Printing

Sheet-fed offset printing technique transfers photos from metal plates to rollers or rubber blankets before printing on different materials.
IUV-WPS series UV curing System fits for sheet-fed offset printing.

UV curing system for Digital Printing
Digital Printing

Digital printing is undefeated when printing a few copies, like 20 pictures or 50 brochures. The other advantage of digital printing is the adjustable data capacity.
IUV-DP series UV curing system is the curing system for digital printing.

Check How Much You Can Save with IUV
Mercury UV Curing
Mercury UV Curing
LED UV Curing
LED UV Curing

As energy costs are rising, switching to IUV LED UV Curing systems and modular power supply systems can dramatically reduce your energy cost whilst also reducing CO2 emissions for environment.

If you had a old printing machine let our UV retrofit service help you inject new vitality into your old printing equipment.

With IUV’s modular technology, your management cost and usage costs will be significantly reduced while making great management progress.

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