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What is LED UV

LED UV curing system is well-known for its energy saving.

Upgrade to IUV LED UV curing system can reduce energy cost by over 70%, while providing efficient and precise UV ink drying and curing.

  • UV LED: it is a “photochemical” reaction that utilizes energy stored in longer UV wavelengths (365nm,385nm, 385nm,405nm UV) to immediately cure and adhere ink, coatings, adhesives, and extrudates during the manufacturing process.
  • UV LED printing machine: Due to its excellent performance and cost savings, LED UV has been widely used in printing machine including digital inkjet, screen printing, pad printing, flexography printing, letterpress printing, offset printing, and gravure printing.
  • Adoption:IUV’s UV LED curing system is adopting to almost any brands of printing machine like OMET,Bobst,Mark Andy, Nilpeter,Gallus, Heidelberg etc, and support an easy LED UV upgrade from GEW mercury UV.
  • Printing production improve:IUV’s LED UV curing system technology also offer unique printing production management improve and printing quality improve.
  • Machine stability and performance consistency: With our unique electronic control system and optical path design,IUV offer the most stable and best performing LED UV systems for printing press on the market.
LED UV Is The Inevitable Trend In Printing, Coating and Converting Industries
Legal Requirements

The EU goverment demands a comprehensive ban on mercury lamps by 2025 for production safety and enviromental protection reason.

Carbon Footprint Requirements

With the global emphasis on carbon footprint and strict regulation of related energy consumption.Traditional mercury lamps that consume huge amounts of energy will be strictly regulated.

Market Competitive Requirement

Compared to traditional mercury lamps, the energy-saving efficiency of LED can reach 70%, greatly reducing the cost of your competitors. If you do not use LED, you will lose the market advantage.

Benefit From LED UV Upgrading Process
Energy Efficiency:
  • Compared to mercury arc UV systems that operate the same function, LED UV for printing machine system typically save more than 70% of energy.
  • An investment return analysis comparing the most energy-efficient ARC UV on the market with a 45cm and 8 lights printing system shows that if printing operates two 8-hour shifts, five days a week, with a working load rate of 60% and an annual savings of $19400.
  • At the same process model it eliminate approximately 7 tons of carbon dioxide and liberate 46% of the grid load.
  • At our LED UV upgrade project in Omet / Bobst and many other printing machine , the energy efficiency consistently around 68-73%.
Annual Savings
Energy Saving
Grid Load Releasing
0 Tons
Carbon Eliminating
  • Faster Curing Times: LED curing systems offer rapid curing speeds, allowing for shorter cycle times and increased production efficiency. This can lead to higher throughput and improved productivity.
  • Longer Lifespan: LED lamps have a much longer lifespan compared to traditional curing lamps, resulting in lower maintenance costs and less downtime.
  • Instant On/Off: LED lamps have instant on/off capabilities, eliminating the need for warm-up or cool-down periods. This saves time and improves operational efficiency.
  • Heat Management: LED curing systems generate less heat compared to traditional curing methods. This is particularly beneficial for heat-sensitive materials or applications minimizesing the risk of material distortion or discoloration.
  • Environmentally Friendly: LED curing systems do not contain mercury or other hazardous materials, making them more environmentally friendly.
  • Versatility: LED curing systems offer precise control over curing parameters such as intensity and wavelength. This allows for customization and optimization of the curing process for different materials and applications.
What should be noted during the process of upgrading to LED technology

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Ensure that the LED UV curing system is compatible with your existing equipment and processes. Check if the LED system can provide the required intensity and wavelength for curing your specific materials.


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LED UV curing systems offer a range of wavelengths. Make sure the LED system you choose emits the appropriate wavelength for your curing application. Different materials require different UV wavelengths for optimal curing.

Energy Efficiency

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LED UV curing systems are known for their energy efficiency compared to mercury UV curing. Consider the energy savings you can achieve by switching to LED technology. Evaluate the power consumption and operating costs of the LED system to determine the potential cost savings.

Curing Speed

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LED UV curing systems can offer faster curing times compared to mercury UV curing. Assess the curing speed requirements of your application and ensure that the LED system can meet or exceed those requirements.

Heat Management

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LED UV curing systems generate less heat compared to mercury lamps. This can be beneficial for heat-sensitive materials or applications where excessive heat can cause issues. Consider the impact of reduced heat generation on your curing process.

Lifespan and Maintenance

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LED UV curing systems generally have a longer lifespan compared to mercury lamps. Evaluate the lifespan of the LED system and consider the maintenance requirements. Determine if the longer lifespan and reduced maintenance will provide cost savings in the long run.

Cost Considerations

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Compare the initial investment cost of upgrading to LED UV curing with the potential long-term savings in energy consumption, maintenance, and replacement lamp costs. Consider the return on investment (ROI) and determine if the benefits outweigh the upfront costs.

How Should I Achieve The Upgrade To LED UV

When you upgrade to LED UV curing system,you need UV technology experts to help you with your specific needs. IUV handle over 600 annual cases of LED uv curing upgrading and UV retrofit projects, we  can provide valuable insights and help you choose the most suitable LED UV curing system for your application
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