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IUV is the leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

UV Retrofits

Inject New Vitality Into Old Printing Equipment At A Much Lower Cost.

IUV's UV Retrofits Service Helps You Inject New Vitality into Old Printing Equipment

Over the 15 years, we have handled over 4,000 UV LED UV Curing System upgrade projects worldwide.  Typically, a new printing machines take more than a year to arrvie. However, thanks to our improved technology, you will get your UV Curing System retrofit in less than 21 days. And the cost is much lower.

Apart from that, we also have a specialized team of experts to ensure you get one-to-one solutions to any issue with retrofitting. It will be a more effortless and affordable option to inject fresh blood into your old printing press setup.

Here at IUV, we always seek to provide our customers with a more intimate service, especially those with existing printing presses. For this reason, we provide LED UV curing system upgrades, lamps, and Mercury UV curing system retrofit.

Furthermore, our UV retrofit installation entails installing the necessary UV curing equipment on the client’s existing printing press.

This allows for seamless integration with the client’s current setup. Once installed, the new UV system can work alongside or completely replace the existing drying methods, such as microwave UV, powder spray, old arc, electron beam, hot air, and infrared.

By implementing our UV LED retrofits, you can expect a significant boost in profitability and productivity and substantial savings on energy expenses.

At IUV, we have successfully undertaken retrofit projects in the converting, coating, and printing industries.

We are well-equipped to provide expert calculations on the return on investment for various scenarios, ensuring an informed decision-making process for our clients


UV Retrofits

In this video, you can get an overview of IUV's UV retrofit service and how it will benefit your business.

  • Do You Need Faster Curing Time?

If your current curing process is time-consuming and causing production bottlenecks, a UV retrofit can significantly reduce curing times. UV curing technology offers rapid curing, allowing for faster production cycles and increased throughput.


  • Do You Want Improved Printing Quality?

If you are experiencing issues with product quality, such as poor adhesion, inconsistent curing, or surface defects, a UV retrofit can help address these problems. UV curing provides precise and controlled curing, resulting in improved product quality, enhanced adhesion, and better overall performance.


  • Do You Want Increased Productivity?

If you are looking to increase your production capacity and output, a UV retrofit can help achieve this goal. UV curing systems offer fast curing speeds, allowing for shorter cycle times and increased production efficiency. This can lead to higher productivity and reduced lead times.


  • Do You Want Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings?

UV curing systems are known for their energy efficiency compared to traditional curing methods. If you are looking to reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs, a UV retrofit can help achieve these objectives. UV curing requires less energy and eliminates the need for drying ovens or solvents, resulting in cost savings over time.

  • Do You Want to Upgrade Your Outdated Equipment?

If your existing curing equipment is outdated, inefficient, or no longer meets your production needs, a UV retrofit can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment. Retrofitting allows you to upgrade your existing equipment with UV curing capabilities, extending its lifespan and improving its performance.


  • Do You Want Expansion Into UV-Curable Applications?

If you are considering expanding your product offerings to include UV-curable materials or coatings, a UV retrofit is essential. UV curing systems are specifically designed to cure UV-sensitive materials, ensuring optimal performance and quality.


  • Do You Need To Compliance with Environmental Regulations?

If your current curing process involves the use of solvents or emits harmful emissions, a UV retrofit can help you comply with environmental regulations. UV curing is a solvent-free and low-emission process, making it more environmentally friendly and sustainable.


  • If Above Question Come To You, You Should Come To IUV

It’s important to assess your specific production requirements, goals, and constraints to determine if a UV retrofit is the right solution for your business.

Consult with IUV and see if retrofit specialists can provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to you.


How UV Retrofits Benefit You

The Most Cost-Effectiveness

UV retrofits can be the most cost-effective alternative to purchasing new equipment. Retrofitting your existing equipment with UV curing capabilities is generally more affordable than investing in entirely new printing equipment. This allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure while still benefiting from the advantages of UV curing technology.

Improved Product Quality

UV curing provides precise and controlled curing, resulting in improved product quality. The intense UV light ensures uniform curing, enhancing adhesion, and reducing surface defects. This leads to higher-quality finished products with consistent performance and appearance.

Cost Savings

UV curing systems are known for their energy efficiency compared to traditional curing methods. By retrofitting your equipment with UV curing capabilities, you can reduce energy consumption and reduce material waste while increasing your productivity

Reduce Downtime And Improve Efficiency

With UV retrofits, you can streamline your production process and maximize equipment utilization

IUV Has Extensive Experience In UV Retrofit Project

Step1:Client Requirements Analysis

IUV will analyze the specific requirements and objectives such as the desired curing speed, substrate compatibility, curing area size, and any specific industry standards or regulations that need to be met. Clear communication and collaboration are essential to ensure that the retrofit solution aligns with your needs.

Step2:Equipment Evaluation

IUV will evaluate your existing equipment to determine its suitability for a UV retrofit. Consider factors such as the condition, age, and compatibility of the equipment with UV curing technology. Assess any necessary modifications or upgrades that may be required to integrate UV lamps, control systems, and safety features.

Step3:Feasibility Assessment

IUV will conduct a feasibility assessment to determine the technical and practical feasibility of the UV retrofit. This includes evaluating the space availability, power supply requirements, ventilation needs, and any potential impact on the overall production process. Identify any potential challenges or limitations that may arise during the retrofit process.

Step4: Customization Options

Discuss customization options with you to tailor the retrofit solution to your specific needs. This may include options for different lamp configurations, intensity control, wavelength options, and integration with existing control systems or automation interfaces. Providing flexibility and customization options helps ensure that the retrofit solution meets your unique requirements.

Step5:Cost Analysis

IUV will perform a comprehensive cost analysis to determine the financial implications of the UV retrofit for you. This includes evaluating the cost of equipment modifications, installation, training, and potential downtime during the retrofit process. Consider the long-term cost savings and potential return on investment (ROI) that the UV retrofit can provide to you.

Step6:Technical Support and Training

IIUV will provide adequate technical support and training to you. This includes assisting with equipment installation, providing documentation and guidelines for operation and maintenance, and offering ongoing support for troubleshooting and optimization.

IUV Is The One For Your UV Retrofit Project

Upgrade your production process and unlock the benefits of UV curing technology with a UV retrofit. Experience faster curing times, improved product quality, energy efficiency, and cost savings. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your productivity and stay competitive in your industry.

Contact IUV to explore the possibilities of UV retrofitting for your equipment. Take the first step towards a more efficient and sustainable production process with UV retrofitting.

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