IUV is the leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

IUV Curing System

Much More Than UV Curing Lighting

UV Curing Never Is Just A Lamp, But A Complex High-tech System.

It is a complete setup for the UV curing process. It is composed of several components that work together to achieve good curing of UV cured materials.


  • UV Light Source: The UV light source is the heart of the UV curing system. It emits high-intensity UV radiation, to initiate the curing process. Common types of UV light sources include mercury lamps, LED arrays, and arc lamps.
  • HMI System:The HMI (Human-Machine Interface) control system for a UV curing system refers to the interface that allows operators to interact with and control the UV curing process.
  • Power Supply System:ensures that the UV lamp receives the appropriate voltage and current to emit the required UV radiation for the curing process.
  • Lighting control System: Including electronic control system and optical path control system,It allows operators to adjust and optimize various parameters related to the UV radiation, ensuring efficient and effective curing of UV-curable materials.
  • Cooling system:Responsible for dissipating heat generated during the curing process. The cooling system helps maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring the longevity and performance of the system.
IUV is leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.
IUV's UV Curing Light Source

The diversity of production processes, materials, and inks leads to the diversity of curing system types.

LED UV curing light
UV LED Curing Light
  • High luminous efficiency and good wavelength selectivity
  • Engry saving more than 70%
  • Less visible light and low temperature,suitable for termal sensitive materials
  • No need to preheating
  • Long service life,ideal life up to 50,000 hours
  • High UV energy density and uniform distribution, ensuring printing quality
  • Ozone-free,Mercury-free, Low noise
  • Low use and maintenance cost
ARC UV curing lamp
Mercury UV Curing Lamp
  • Ulitraviolet band covers a wide range, and ink is easy to product
  • The Power supply is relatively simple,and magnetic flux leakage transformer of digital electronic ballast can be used.
  • The technology is mature and the price is lower.
IUV HMI Control System

The HMI (Human-Machine Interface) control system for a UV curing system refers to the interface that allows operators to interact with and control the UV curing process.

  • Regarding machine working interface, our IUV HMI provides users with simple and effective devices tailor-made for every machine. It is designed to run the majority of parameters on the machine and with specific configurations.
  • Mounting the HMI on the machine is also relatively easy. It can be easily elected in a freestanding position, s bevel mounting, or any location around the printer. The easy positioning makes operating the machines from different angles and positions easy. Besides, it also comes with remote monitoring.
IUV's Modular Combination Power Supply System

IUV deeply know how modular design can help to improve printing production management.

A modular combination power supply station is designed to accommodate multiple lamp modules that can be connected together. Each lamp module contains a UV lamp and associated control circuitry. This modular design allows for flexibility in configuring the number and arrangement of lamps based on the application needs.


  • In a modular combination power supply station, each lamp module can be independently controlled and adjusted. This enables precise control over curing parameters such as intensity, exposure time, and curing profiles for each individual lamp.
  • By directly adjusting the current output to each_ED chip through software.the miisecona switch with non-destructive lifetime and non-polar dimming can be achieved(the accuracy is up to 1%).
IUV Intelligent UV Lighting Control System
UV LED Detection Section Lighting
  • The IUV’s LED curing system detects the width and position of the printed material in real time, and the LED UV luminous area automatically follows the material changes.
  • When the width of the printing material changes from 360mm to 44mm, the LED luminous width will automatically adjust to 144mm,and the luminous area position will automatically follow the material position (the position of the material is bright, the position of the material is automatically off),this function can maximize the power saving, reduce the temperature of the material and improve the life of the LED chip.
Intelligent Mercury Cassette
  • IUV products are equipped with self-developed intelligent mercury cassette with perfect structure and multi-point automatic temperature detection and feedback to ensure the uniform luminescence, safe and reliable operation of mercury lamp.
  • lndependent developed servo shutter control system, which can intelligently control the shutter opening and closing angle and speed to ensure the full solidification and safety of solidified materials.
IUV Cooling System

The cooling system in a UV curing system plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal operating temperatures and preventing overheating


  • IUV chiller system is exceptional for eliminating excess heat from the UV systems. It is designed with an extended and steady UV radiation output. The system also functions with both water and air across various materials produced.
  • Furthermore, our professional R &D team meticulously engineered and certified all our chiller systems to guarantee quality and seamless compatibility with your UV and press system.
IUV Cloud Base Remote Control System

In order to ensure the stability of global lUV customers’ equipment operation, timely
troubleshooting, remote OTA software upgrade and other future digital management
needs, IUV has independently developed a set of perfect remote equipment.
management system.


  • This system enables lUV devices around the world to connect to the cloud server through network cables, WIFl, 5G and other lnternet access.
  • This system can help customers quickly diagnose and solve system failures, ensure efficient production of customers. On the other hand, provide real-timedata for digital management of customers’ factories.
remote monitoring function
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