Mercury UV Curing lamp
IUV is the leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

Mercury UV Curing Lamp

Always Be The Necessary Part Of Printing ,Coating And Converting Industry

Mercury UV Curing Lamp is Valuable for the Printing Industry, And IUV Optimized It

Mercury UV curing lights are widely used in various industries, including printing, electronics, automotive, and manufacturing. It’s known for its high-intensity output, which allows for fast and efficient curing of UV-curable materials. These lamps typically emit UV radiation in the UVA and UVB ranges, with wavelengths ranging from 200 to 400 nm.

Our mercury UV curing lamps are trusted by industries worldwide, including printing, electronics, automotive, and manufacturing. Renowned for their high-intensity output, they enable fast and efficient curing of UV-curable materials.

  • IUV’s mercury UV curing lamp has an excellent optical design and a leading market intelligent control system.
  • IUV’s Mercury UV lamps are equipped with self-developed intelligent mercury cassettes with perfect structure and multi-point automatic temperature detection and feedback to ensure uniform luminescence, and safe and reliable operation of mercury lamps.
  • What sets our mercury UV lamps apart is our independently developed servo shutter control system. This innovative technology intelligently controls the shutter’s opening and closing angle and speed, ensuring full solidification and the utmost safety of solidified materials.
  • Choose IUV Mercury UV Curing Lamp for unrivaled performance, precision, and peace of mind.

IUV's Mercury UV Curing Lamp Video

In this video, you can get an overview of IUV's mercury UV curing light features and benefits, highlighting its potential to help your business.

IUV's Mercury UV Lamp option

As one of the unique UV curing systems, our IUV mercury lamps are taking the world by storm. They come with different lengths, power levels, form factors, and cooling options to suit various UV applications. Here are some of our different IUV mercury curing systems to help you choose the ideal model for your machine.

Flexo printing Mercury UV curing Lamp

Flexo Printing Mercury UV Curing Lamp

The IUV flexo mercury UV curing lamp is not new to flexographic printing. It is famous for its printing procedures, UV curing technologies, and stable performance.

Intermittent Offset Printing Mercury UV Curing Lamp

The robust power supply is the best point about our Intermittent Label Offset Mercury. Unlike other types, it is specially designed to be much simpler to install and conduct maintenance to reduce the total costs.

Satellite Printing Mercury UV Curing Lamp

If you want a mercury curing system that integrates with various inks, try our new Satellite Label Mercury. It is specially designed to provide you with a range of curing and drying effects.

IUV's UV Curing Control System
air cooling for mercury uv curing lamp

IUV Cooling Technology

Our cooling system guarantees uniform, steady & and extended UV radiation output and effectively eliminates the excess heat yielded by UV systems.

IUV HMI Control System

IUV HMI Control Technology

The HMI has a remote monitoring operation that allows IUV gadgets to be linked to the cloud server via Wi-Fi, cables, 5G, and other internet access.

IUV Power Supply Technology

Our exceptional power supply can guarantee that the running current of every LED chip is equal, which considerably extends the lifespan of the LED chip.

UV Curing System Retrofit

Our LED UV curing lights can adapt to almost all curing lights on the market, whether it’s ARC or LED, making it very convenient for you to upgrade and transform the curing system of existing machines.

We have handled over 5,000 UV LED curing system retrofitting projects globally, which keeps surging annually.

Typically, the lead times for the new machines are over a year. However, our UV retrofits come with less than 21 days of lead time. Again, we have a technical team of experts to offer one-to-one solutions to all your issues about retrofitting your UV setup. This will certainly inject fresh blood into an old printing setup at a more affordable price.
To offer a more intimate service to our clients who have an existing printing system installed, our curing system retrofits can upgrade LED UV curing gear and UV lamps. We can also retrofit mercury arc curing systems. Besides, our UV retrofit installation involves installing the UV curing gear on a printing press that the client uses or is already there.
Upgrade To UV LED
The significant energy-saving ability of over 70% of IUV's LED curing system has been proven in various printing equipment.
How to make your printing equipment more energy-efficient?
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