IUV Satetllite Web Printing Mercury Curing System

If you want a mercury curing system that integrates with various inks, try our new Satellite Label Mercury.
It is specially designed to provide you with a range of curing and drying effects.

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IUV Satellite Web Printing Mercury Curing System

We have three models of Satellite Label Mercury curing systems, as shown below:

  • Model IUV-SAT/M

This model is specially designed for printing presses with a water-cooled roller.

  • Model IUV-SAT/M/WB

This model will be quite effective if your printing press has base that is water cooled.

  • Model IUV-SAT/M/AB

The model is best suited for printing presses with a base that is air cooled.

Satellite Label Printing UV CURING
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