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IUV is the leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

LED & Mercury Exchanging UV Curing System

Unleash The Power Of Versatility: Illuminate Your Success with Mercury & LED Exchanging UV Curing System

UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System

In printing applications, we often encounter two situations. Firstly, according to the printing needs, we need to frequently adjust our printing curing facilities. Secondly, printing companies often need to upgrade and transform their curing systems due to cost considerations


To fix this problem, IUV has developed this Mercury & LED hybrid exchange system.

Both mercury UV curing systems UV LED curing system utilize a power module with two software algorithms. Apart from that, the LED light and mercury lamp can be easily switched on and off. The two can also be interchanged easily to meet the numerous customer requirements for curing procedures without requiring other operations.

  • The LED lamp box and mercury lamp can be inserted and pulled out from the machine quickly.
  • The system identifies the required type of lighting automatically without additional operations.
  • The water-cooling structure integrated into the LED box ensures environmental protection and high efficiency.
  • Both systems are capable of meeting all the printing curing process requirements.
  • It improves productivity and reduces the costs of running the machines.

UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System

Experience a comprehensive overview of the UV LED & Mercury exchanging system in action on your printing machine through this captivating video.

System Base
System Base
LED UV Curing Light
LED UV Curing Light
Mercury UV Curing Light
Mercury UV Curing Light
System Base
System Base
  1. The system can automatically identify the type of lamp and switch between cooling and power supply.
LED UV Curing Light
LED UV Curing Light
  1. It is suitable for almost all types and models of printing machines
  1. Ideal for printers with water cooling base, no base, and air-cooling base
  2. It has a curing speed of up to 200M per minute
  3. Recommended width of LED: 250mm-850mm 
Mercury UV Curing Light
Mercury UV Curing Light
  1. It is suitable for printers with a base that is air cooled, without a base, and a base that is water cooled.
  1. It is ideal for all types of printing machines
  2. Its curing speed is 200M/min
  3. The recommended width of the lamp is 280mm-850mm 
How Is The UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System Working
  • IUV utilizes a unique technology that uses interchangeable lamps to achieve independent production and ensure a smooth current flow. This technology effectively maintains a constant chip current, reducing the failure rate.
  • One notable feature of IUV’s technology is the adjustable power capability ranging from 1% to 100%. This feature allows the system to adjust the power output based on the printing speed automatically. Moreover, the system is designed to supply power to mercury lamps and LEDs, enabling seamless interchangeability. This flexibility allows for compatibility with a wide range of curing materials.
  • The advantages of this technology include flexible and efficient control over the power supply, the ability to switch between LED and mercury lamps, and automatic software identification. These features eliminate unnecessary operations, significantly improving efficiency and enhancing adaptability to different materials.
Why You Need Mercury And LED Exchanging System
  • Flexibility

A Mercury and LED exchanging curing system provides the flexibility to switch between mercury UV lamps and LED UV lamps within the same system. This allows you to adapt to different curing requirements, materials, or ink types. You can choose the most suitable technology for each specific application, maximizing curing effectiveness.

  • Compatibility

Different printing groups may use different types of ink that require specific curing systems with different technologies. With a Mercury and LED exchanging curing system, you can easily switch between the two technologies to accommodate the needs of different printing groups or ink types.

  • Seamless Production Switching

The ability to efficiently replace the curing system without compromising work efficiency allows for smooth transitions between different production processes. The system automatically recognizes the type of lamp being used, eliminating the need for manual settings and reducing downtime during the switching process.

  • Energy Conservation

LED UV lamps are known for their energy efficiency compared to mercury UV lamps. By utilizing LED technology, you can maximize energy conservation and reduce energy costs in your curing process.

  • Cost Savings

The flexibility of a Mercury and LED exchanging curing system can lead to cost savings. You can optimize the curing process by using the most efficient technology for each application, reducing waste and improving overall production efficiency. Additionally, LED UV lamps have a longer lifespan compared to mercury lamps, resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.

  • In summary, a Mercury and LED exchanging curing system offers versatility, compatibility, seamless production switching, energy conservation, and cost savings, making it a valuable solution for various printing processes and materials.
IUV's UV LED Curing Control System
UV Curing Light Chiller System

IUV Cooling Technology

Our cooling system guarantees uniform, steady & and extended UV radiation output and effectively eliminates the excess heat yielded by UV systems.

IUV HMI Control System

IUV HMI Control System

The HMI has a remote monitoring operation that allows IUV gadgets to be linked to the cloud server via Wi-Fi, cables, 5G and other internet access.

IUV Power Supply System

Our exceptional power supply can guarantee that the running current of every LED chip is equal, which considerably extends the lifespan of the LED chip.

IUV Automatic Width Measurement

IUV Automatic Width Measurement

IUV’s automatic width measurement system is designed to spot the position and width of the substrate instantly and shifts automatically for the required curing area.

upgrade to UV LED curing from gew uv
UV Curing System Retrofit

Our LED UV curing lights can adapt to almost all curing lights on the market, whether it’s ARC or LED, making it very convenient for you to upgrade and transform the curing system of existing machines.

We have handled over 5,000 UV LED curing system retrofitting projects globally, which keeps surging annually.

Typically, the lead times for the new machines are over a year. However, our UV retrofits come with less than 21 days of lead time. Again, we have a technical team of experts to offer one-to-one solutions to all your issues about retrofitting your UV setup. This will certainly inject fresh blood into an old printing setup at a more affordable price.
To offer a more intimate service to our clients who have an existing printing system installed, our curing system retrofits can upgrade LED UV curing gear and UV lamps. We can also retrofit mercury arc curing systems. Besides, our UV retrofit installation involves installing the UV curing gear on a printing press that the client uses or is already there.
Upgrade To UV LED
The significant energy-saving ability of over 70% of IUV's LED curing system has been proven in various printing equipment.
How to make your printing equipment more energy-efficient?
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