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Curing Solution For Intermittent Offset Printing

IUV Curing System Will Show You Printing Efficiency And Quality Printouts

What Is Intermittent Offset Printing

Intermittent offset printing is a specific type of offset printing that involves printing on individual sheets or labels in a stop-and-start motion. In this process, the substrate is fed into the press intermittently, allowing for precise registration and control over the printing process.


  • Precise Registration: Intermittent offset printing allows for accurate registration, ensuring that each sheet or label is printed with precise alignment. This results in high-quality prints with sharp details and vibrant colors.
  • Customization and Variable Data Printing: This printing method enables customization and variable data printing, allowing for unique information or personalized content on each sheet or label. 
  • Versatility in Substrates: Intermittent offset printing can handle a wide range of substrates, including paper, cardboard, plastic films, and labels. This versatility makes it suitable for various printing applications, such as packaging materials, labels, and narrow-web products.
  • Cost-Effective for Short Runs: Intermittent offset printing is cost-effective for short to medium print runs. It eliminates the need for expensive setup costs associated with traditional offset printing, making it a more economical choice for smaller quantities.
  • Finishing Options: After printing, the sheets or labels can undergo various finishing processes, such as cutting, folding, or additional coatings, to achieve the desired final product. This allows for further customization and enhances the overall appearance and functionality of the printed materials.
IUV LED UV Curing system for Intermittent Offset Printing
IUV UV CURING SYSTEM in Intermittent Offset Printing
Intermittent Offset Printing LED UV Curing System
IUV UV Curing System For Intermittent Offset Printing
Intermittent Offset Printing LED UV CURING
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IUV's UV Curing System Is Widely Used In Intermittent Label Offset Printing

IUV provides three main solutions for Intermittent Label Offset Printing, depending on your requirement, UV LED curing system, mercury arc curing system, or LED and mercury interchangeable system.

LED UV curing light
UV LED Curing System
Our LED Curing systems offer superior performance and unmatched value in sheet-fed, flexo, and offset printing.
ARC UV curing lamp
Mercury Curing System
Our mercury curing system works excellently and is a UV light technology employed in the printing industry for a long time.
LED UV curing light
UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System
Our UV LED & Mercury exchanging system lets you effortlessly interchange mercury and UV LED curing as needed.
IUV’s UV Mercury & LED UV Systems Are Presenting Value To Our Intermittent Offset Printing Customers
  • UV LED and UV inks make it easier to print on different materials within the intermittent label offset printing scope. For instance, pictures are printed on glossy paper, while greeting cards are printed on embossed paper.
  • Reducing the inconvenience of setting your printouts aside cautiously so that they dry correctly without compromising quality. Once the printer produces your printout, you can begin folding, cutting, or processing. This increases productivity and improves efficiency.
  • No use of spray powder which will eliminate the extensive contamination and related cleaning of your setup and workspace. Besides, this also makes it that much easier to maintain. 
  • Our UV curing system will deliver printouts with great color patterns, leaving you with a usable final product.
  • Our UV intermittent label offset printing system is easy to install and comes complete.
  • The remote troubleshooting and performance monitoring help check on all lamps connected to the internet to guarantee the stability of all our UV LED equipment.
  • Our UV digital system employs a series-parallel mode for the LED system, significantly boosting success and reducing the rate of necrosis of LED lamps.
  • The systems come with an automatic on/off setting, ensuring no energy is used when the printing press is idle.
IUV Intermittent Offset Printing UV LED Curing System
IUV's Intermittent Offset Printing Cases

In collaboration with our clients worldwide, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize their intermittent offset printing processes through the implementation of our cutting-edge UV curing technology.

Our case study delves into the challenges faced by our client, the innovative solutions we provided, and the remarkable results achieved, showcasing the immense potential of IUV’s UV curing systems in elevating the efficiency, quality, and productivity of intermittent offset printing operations.

At IUV, we are committed to providing intimate service to our customers who already have Intermittent printing equipment installed or who need new equipment. With our expertise and experience, we strive to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of each client, ensuring optimal results and customer satisfaction.

Check our captivating intermittent offset printing cases study, uncovering the transformative power of IUV’s UV curing technology in the world of intermittent offset printing.
UV Curing System Retrofit
Our LED UV curing lights are designed to seamlessly adapt to almost all curing lights available on the market, whether they are ARC or LED-based. This versatility makes it incredibly convenient for you to upgrade and transform the curing system of your existing intermittent offset printing machines.
With over 5,000 UV LED curing system retrofitting projects successfully completed worldwide, our expertise and experience continue to grow. Each year, the demand for our retrofitting in intermittent offset printing equipment services keeps surging, as more and more customers recognize the value and benefits of injecting new vitality into their old printing equipment at a significantly lower cost.
At IUV, we are committed to providing intimate service to our customers who already have printing equipment installed or in use. Our UV curing system retrofits encompass both UV lamps and LED UV curing equipment, ensuring that you have access to the latest technology and advancements in UV curing for optimal performance and efficiency.
Upgrade To UV LED
The significant energy-saving ability of over 70% of IUV's LED curing system has been proven in various printing equipment.
How to make your printing equipment more energy-efficient?
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