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IUV is the leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

Curing Solution for
Flexo Printing

Our LED UV Curing System Is Particularly Suitable For Flexo Printing

What Is Flexo Printing

If you want a fast-printing solution for your packages and labels or other materials with quality printouts, flexo printing is an excellent option.


  • It offers speedy printing and is perfect for long-time projects.
  • It is perfect for printing on numerous materials.
  • There is no additional expense or work; you can simultaneously finalize printing, die cutting, laminating, and glazing.
  • Top-quality printouts for great productivity.
  • Reduced maintenance expenses.
  • Flexo printing is among the most popular printing techniques for businesses in demanding industries like consumer goods, beverages, cosmetics, and food.
Bobst Flexo Printing Machine with IUV
OMET Flexo Printing Machine with IUV
IUV Curing System for Gallus Flexo Printing Machine
IUV Curing System for Mark Andy Flexo Printing Machine
IUV UV Curing System for Flexo Printing
IUV LED Curing System For Nilpeter Flexo Printing Machine
IUV LED Curing System For Nilpeter Flexo Printing Machine
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IUV's UV Curing System Is Widely Used In Flexographic Printing

IUV provides three main solutions for flexo printing presses, depending on your requirement
LED UV curing system, mercury curing system, or LED and mercury exchanging system.

LED UV curing light
UV LED Curing System
Our LED Curing systems offer superior performance and unmatched value in sheet-fed, flexo, and offset printing.
ARC UV curing lamp
Mercury Curing System
Our mercury curing system works excellently and is a UV light technology employed in the printing industry for a long time.
LED UV curing light
UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System
Our UV LED & Mercury exchanging system lets you effortlessly interchange mercury and UV LED curing as needed.
IUV's Mercury & LED UV Systems Are Presenting Value To Our Flexo Printing Customers
  • No Sealer, Spray Powder, Or Marking – You won’t require spray powder. This means you won’t have extensive contamination, and the system will be easy to maintain and clean.
  • High Work Efficiency – We use instant ink for a short dry time, which dries a few seconds after printing. This allows you to fold, cut, bound, or process your printout immediately, reducing labor and curbing lead times.
  • Top-Quality Printouts – Our flexo printer system delivers quality printouts with precise details and color patterns. This helps you attain brighter colors and superior-quality final products.
  • Our flexo printing curing system is easy to install and is precisely designed for label and packaging printing presses.
  • The LED module technology has a series-parallel mode, significantly decreasing the failure and necrosis rate of LED lamps.
  • Our system comes with an instant on/off setting for the LED. This translates to zero energy loss when the printer is idle. Besides, UV LED lamps are energy-saving compared to conventional UV lamps. Therefore, you can reduce your printing expenses by up to 70%.
  • The remote performance troubleshooting and monitoring for all internet-linked lamps guarantee the constancy of our equipment’s operation.
OMET Flexo Printing Machine with IUV UV LED Curing System
IUV's Flexo Printing Customer Cases

IUV LED UV curing systems are highly suitable for flexo printing machines, offering significant energy savings and environmental benefits. This is why customers worldwide choose IUV for their UV curing light upgrades and replacements.

At IUV, we had the opportunity to work closely with a leading flexo printing company to enhance their production process and achieve remarkable results of UV curing and LED UV Curing in the flexo printing industry.

This flexo printing UV curing cases study exemplifies the transformative impact of IUV’s LED UV curing solutions. By upgrading curing system, our client achieved superior print quality, increased productivity, energy savings, and enhanced operational control. It is a testament to the power of UV curing technology in revolutionizing the flexo printing industry.

Our UV curing system retrofit service is highly praised by customers and also allowed us to accumulate a lot of engineering and product experience.

UV Curing System Retrofit
Our LED UV curing lights are designed to seamlessly adapt to almost all curing lights available on the market, whether they are ARC or LED-based. This versatility makes it incredibly convenient for you to upgrade and transform the curing system of your existing machines.
With over 5,000 UV LED curing system retrofitting projects successfully completed worldwide, our expertise and experience continue to grow. Each year, the demand for our retrofitting services keeps surging, as more and more customers recognize the value and benefits of injecting new vitality into their old printing equipment at a significantly lower cost.
At IUV, we are committed to providing intimate service to our customers who already have printing equipment installed or in use. Our UV curing system retrofits encompass both UV lamps and LED UV curing equipment, ensuring that you have access to the latest technology and advancements in UV curing for optimal performance and efficiency.
Upgrade To UV LED
The significant energy-saving ability of over 70% of IUV's LED curing system has been proven in various printing equipment.
How to make your printing equipment more energy-efficient?
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