led uv curing light
IUV is the leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

IUV Products

IUV Present Not Only A Curing Lamp, But A Curing System

IUV Main Products

IUV Provide Advancing UV Curing System for Printing, Coating and Converting.

LED UV curing light

UV LED Curing System

IUV’s UV LED curing system products are developed by our research and development department.
The chips of LED are imported from South Korea and have good stability.

ARC UV curing lamp

Mercury Curing System

IUV’s mercury curing system is a long-established UV light of mature technology for the printing industry.
Combining a mercury curing system with LED UV can save you even more cost.

UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System

IUV’s UV LED & mercury exchanging system is a self-developed product that allows you to freely switch between LED and UV Lamp, to meet the different needs of customers for curing.

IUV Curing Control Function

With IUV’s Intelligent control technology, you get more than UV curing lighting. 

Mercuy & LED UV Curing Exchanging Function

In pruduction fiel, we offen needs different curing solution. So IUV develop up the  mercury&LED exchanging systems and utilizes a power module with two software algorithms. 


  • The LED lamp box and mercury lamp can be inserted and pulled out from the machine quickly.
  • The system identifies the required type of lighting automatically without additional operations.
  • The water-cooling structure integrated into the LED box ensures environmental protection and high efficiency.
  • Both systems are capable of meeting all the printing curing process requirements.
  • It improves productivity and reduces the costs of running the machines.
Automatic Width Measurement System

IUV’s self-developed patented automatic control system is a game-changer in the UV curing industry. The ability to detect the width and position of printed materials in real-time is a significant advancement that enhances efficiency and reduces waste.

The automatic control system’s ability to adjust the LED lighting area according to the materials being printed is a remarkable feature. This adaptive functionality ensures that the curing process is optimized for each specific job, resulting in improved curing quality and reduced energy consumption.

By installing IUV’s automatic control system in their UV curing systems, printers can enjoy substantial energy savings and cost reductions, making their operations more efficient and environmentally friendly.

UV Curing System Retrofit
Our LED UV curing lights are designed to seamlessly adapt to almost all curing lights available on the market, whether they are ARC or LED-based. This versatility makes it incredibly convenient for you to upgrade and transform the curing system of your existing machines.
With over 5,000 UV LED curing system retrofitting projects successfully completed worldwide, our expertise and experience continue to grow. Each year, the demand for our retrofitting services keeps surging, as more and more customers recognize the value and benefits of injecting new vitality into their old printing equipment at a significantly lower cost.
At IUV, we are committed to providing intimate service to our customers who already have printing equipment installed or in use. Our UV curing system retrofits encompass both UV lamps and LED UV curing equipment, ensuring that you have access to the latest technology and advancements in UV curing for optimal performance and efficiency.
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