UV LED and Offset Printing.
UV offset printing is a revolutionary printing technique that utilizes UV light curing to rapidly cure inks and coatings during the printing process. This innovative technology offers several key advantages over traditional printing methods, including faster curing speeds, enhanced durability, and environmentally-friendly benefits.
How UV LED Curing System for Offset Printing Works

The working principle of UV offset printing is to use UV light curing to cure the ink or varnish during the printing process.

The UV light curing machine employs a 200-450nm photon source in ultraviolet rays to irradiate the chemical (ink or varnish).

The included photoinitiator is then stimulated by the UV light source, becoming free radicals that promote the opening and polymerization of the monomers and oligomers.

This rapid reaction increases the molecular weight, transforming the liquid ink or coating into a solid, instantly cured material.

Advantages of UV LED Offset Printing

Fast Curing Speed

Ordinary offset printing requires several hours or more to completely dry the ink. In contrast, UV offset printing can be fully cured within 3 seconds to several seconds, a significantly faster process.

Enhanced Durability

After the UV ink is cured into a film, it exhibits excellent friction resistance, reducing the losses caused by wear and tear during the use and transportation of packaged products.


UV inks do not contain solvents, eliminating the volatilization of solvents and preventing atmospheric pollution. UV offset printing is a truly green printing solution.
Improved Efficiency and Quality
  • No Powder Spraying

Since UV offset printing can be cured and dried immediately after ultraviolet irradiation, there is no need for powder spraying, which greatly improves the working environment. This also benefits post-printing processing, such as lamination and glazing.

  • High Efficiency and Quality

UV offset printing has a short production cycle and high production capacity. The printed dots are clear and of excellent quality, resulting in superior printing outcomes.

The Future of UV LED Offset Printing
  • Advancing UV Curing Technology

With the further development of UV curing technology, including improvements in UV light source capabilities, cost reductions, and advancements in UV inks, the printing industry is undergoing a significant upgrade and transformation in light curing technology.

  • Replacing Traditional Methods

The application of UV LED curing systems to offset printing has clear technical advantages over traditional UV lamp curing and mercury lamp curing machines, which operate on thermal curing principles and cannot match the speed and quality of the new UV offset printing technology.

  • Driving Industry Change

As UV offset printing continues to evolve and become more widely adopted, it is poised to drive significant changes and upgrades within the printing industry, ushering in a new era of efficient, high-quality, and environmentally-friendly printing solutions.


UV offset printing represents a transformative shift in the printing industry, offering a range of benefits that traditional printing methods cannot match. From its rapid curing speeds and enhanced durability to its environmentally-friendly attributes, this innovative technology is poised to revolutionize the way we approach printing. As the industry continues to evolve, the widespread adoption of UV offset printing is sure to drive significant changes and advancements in the years to come.