Report on UV Curing and Printing Industry in 2024.
The UV curing market—comprising UV, UV LED, and Electron Beam (EB) curing—has remained robust, with performance and environmental benefits driving sales growth across various applications. Within this landscape, inks and graphic arts have consistently emerged as one of the largest segments.
Advantages of UV Curing Inks
  • Efficiency and Quality

UV curing inks offer unparalleled advantages in efficiency, quality, and environmental sustainability across diverse applications, from packaging to signage, labels, and commercial printing.

  • Market Sales Forecast

By the end of 2031, the market sales for energy curing inks would reach $4.9 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 9.2% from 2020.

  • Industry Optimism

Leading manufacturers echo the optimism, observing the industry’s growth and the declining utilization rates of certain existing technologies.

Printing Industry Insights
  • UV and Energy Curing Flexo

Derek Hemings, Product Manager for UV and Energy Curing Flexo at Sun Chemical LED North America, notes the industry’s growth while observing declining utilization rates of certain existing technologies like traditional UV in flexo applications and sheetfed inks.

  • Increased Sales

Hidetoshi Hiyatagai, General Manager of Overseas Ink Sales at T&K Toka, highlights the increasing sales of energy curing inks compared to traditional oil-based inks.

  • Environmental Advantages

Tim Smith of Zeller+Gmelin emphasizes the environmental, efficiency, and performance advantages of UV LED curing inks, driving their adoption across the printing industry.

UV LED Technology
  • Observations:Jonathan Hawkins of Zeller+Gmelin reports that UV LED technology’s growth surpasses that of traditional UV curing, driven by sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness advantages.

  • Growth Factors:Hidetoshi Hiyatagai points out the increasing growth of UV LED printing, attributed to rising electricity costs and the shift from mercury lamps to LED lamps.

  • Advantages

UV LED technology, experiencing faster growth compared to traditional UV, has become increasingly prominent.

  • Printing Industry Observations

Jonathan Grunke of Sakata INX emphasizes printers’ commitment to adopting UV LED on new and retrofitted equipment, especially for end-of-press UV applications.

  • Significant Growth

Niewiadomska highlights UV LED curing’s significant growth due to increasing energy costs, reducing carbon footprints, and minimizing waste.

Overall, energy curing inks continue to gain traction in the market, driven by their performance benefits, environmental sustainability, and technological advancements such as UV LED curing.

Future of UV Curing and Printing Industry

Industry Progress

As the industry progresses, the adoption of dual-curing inks and innovations in UV LED technology are poised to further shape the landscape of energy curing inks in the years to come.

Interest in Hybrid UV Technologies

There's growing interest in dual-cure or hybrid UV technologies, which can use either traditional or UV LED lighting to cure inks.

Application Flexibility

Cohen states that inks curable with LED lamps can generally be cured with standard mercury arc lamps.