Revolutionizing Flexo Printing with Interchangeable UV Curing
Unlock the power of versatile UV curing with the OMET X4 flexo printing machine's cutting-edge retrofit, featuring interchangeable LED UV and mercury UV technologies for unparalleled performance and sustainability.
Seamless UV LED Curing Upgrade
  • Disassembly and Cleaning

    Meticulously remove the existing UV curing lamp, thoroughly clean the components, and prepare for the upgrade

  • Inspection and Evaluation

    Conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify any damaged or aged parts that need replacement, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Replacement and Integration

    Seamlessly integrate the new UV curing system, featuring both LED UV and mercury UV modules, tailored to the OMET X4’s unique requirements.

OMET IFlEX X4 uv curing system retrofit UV LED upgrade
Versatile Curing Capabilities
  • Diverse Substrates

    The interchangeable UV curing system adapts to a wide range of substrates, enabling the OMET X4 to handle diverse printing applications with ease.

  • Flexible Inks and Coatings

    Whether it’s gloss oils or other specialized inks and coatings, the UV curing upgrade ensures consistent, high-quality results across the board.

  • Seamless Adaptation

    The ability to switch between LED UV and mercury UV technologies empowers the OMET X4 with unparalleled operational flexibility, catering to evolving printing needs.

Sustainable and Efficient Curing
  • Energy Efficiency

    The advanced UV curing system significantly reduces energy consumption, leading to substantial cost savings and a smaller environmental footprint.

  • Enhanced Print Quality

    The precise and consistent curing provided by both LED UV and mercury UV modules results in superior print quality, improved adhesion, and enhanced color consistency.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    By incorporating both LED UV and mercury UV capabilities, the UV system upgrade contributes to a safer and more sustainable working environment.

Elevating Printing Performance
Operational Flexibility

The ability to interchange between LED UV and mercury UV technologies empowers the OMET X4 with operational flexibility, enabling it to cater to a wide range of printing requirements and applications.

Transformative Potential

The UV system upgrade with interchangeable LED UV and mercury UV capabilities exemplifies the transformative potential of advanced curing technology in the printing industry, elevating production capabilities and contributing to a greener future.

Ensuring Optimal Performance
  • Professional Expertise

    The renovation process of UV curing lamps requires skilled technical personnel to ensure proper operation and meet industry standards.

  • Extended Equipment Life

    Proper UV curing lamp refurbishment can extend the service life of printing equipment, improving production efficiency and quality.

  • Reliable Performance

    Functional testing and comprehensive evaluation ensure the refurbished UV curing lamp can function flawlessly, delivering consistent and reliable performance.