UV Retrofit for Bobst Flexo Printing Machine
Unlock the power of UV curing technology and transform your Bobst flexo printing operations with this cutting-edge UV retrofit solution.
Addressing Operational Challenges
  • Prolonged Curing Times

Overcome the limitations of traditional curing methods and achieve significantly faster turnaround times with the power of UV curing technology.

  • Limited Substrate Compatibility

Expand your printing capabilities and explore new market opportunities by leveraging the versatility of UV curing, which enables the use of diverse substrates.

  • Inconsistent Print Quality

Enhance your print quality and adhesion on a wide range of substrates by transitioning to UV-curable inks, ensuring vibrant, high-definition results.

The UV Retrofit Solution
  • Tailored UV Curing Systems

Our UV retrofit solution features IUV LED UV curing systems specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with your Bobst flexo printing machine, optimizing curing efficiency and performance.

  • Transition to UV-Curable Inks

As part of the retrofit, your company will transition to using high-quality UV-curable inks, which not only enhance print quality but also align with your sustainability goals by eliminating solvent-based inks.

  • Comprehensive Integration

Our team of experts will meticulously plan and execute the UV retrofit, ensuring a smooth integration that preserves the compatibility and optimal performance of your Bobst flexo printing machine.

Transformative Impact
  • 60% Reduction in Curing Times

Dramatically improve your production throughput and reduce turnaround times with the lightning-fast curing capabilities of our UV retrofit solution.

  • Enhanced Print Quality and Adhesion

Achieve vibrant, high-definition prints with improved adhesion on a wide range of substrates, expanding your capabilities and market competitiveness.

  • Sustainable Printing Practices

Embrace eco-friendly printing by eliminating solvent-based inks and reducing your environmental impact, aligning with your company’s sustainability goals.