The UV Retrofit for Bobst Flexo Printing Machine

The flexographic printing industry is witnessing a paradigm shift with the integration of UV curing technology, particularly in renowned equipment such as Bobst flexo printing machines. This article presents a compelling case study of a UV retrofit tailored specifically for a Bobst flexo printing machine, highlighting the transformative impact of UV curing technology on print quality, production efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

This client is a provider of label printing, encountered challenges with their existing Bobst flexo printing machine, including prolonged curing times, inconsistent print quality, and limited substrate compatibility. To address these challenges and elevate their printing capabilities, the company sought to implement a UV retrofit that would enhance curing efficiency, improve print adhesion, and enable the use of a broader range of substrates.


In collaboration with IUV technology specialists, client embarked on a comprehensive UV retrofit project for their Bobst flexo printing machine. The retrofit involved the replacement of old GEW E2C curing lamp to IUV LED UV curing systems tailored to the specific requirements of the Bobst equipment. Additionally, the transition to UV-curable inks was a key component of the retrofit, aligning with the company’s sustainability goals and print quality objectives. The integration of UV curing technology into the existing Bobst flexo printing machine was meticulously planned and executed, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal performance.


Following the UV retrofit, client experienced a remarkable transformation in their flexo printing operations. The curing times were reduced by 60%, leading to a substantial increase in production throughput and faster turnaround times for customers. The transition to UV-curable inks resulted in vibrant, high-quality prints with improved adhesion on various substrates, expanding the company’s capabilities and market competitiveness. Furthermore, the elimination of solvent-based inks significantly reduced the company’s environmental impact, reinforcing their commitment to sustainable printing practices.

The UV retrofit for the Bobst flexo printing machine proved to be a pivotal investment for the client, enabling them to overcome operational challenges, enhance print quality, and embrace eco-friendly printing solutions. By leveraging UV curing technology, the company not only improved production efficiency but also positioned itself as a leader in sustainable flexographic printing. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of UV retrofitting in the flexographic printing industry, showcasing its potential to drive operational excellence and environmental stewardship.

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