Innovative UV LED Upgrade for Omet Xflex X2
Explore how iUV's UV LED upgrade project for the Omet Xflex X2 flexo printing machine combines UV LED with traditional mercury lamps for cost savings and improved efficiency.

iUV recently embarked on a pioneering project to enhance the Omet Xflex X2, a leading flexo printing machine, with advanced UV LED curing technology.

Embracing innovation without completely abandoning the traditional, this project seamlessly integrates modern UV LED systems while retaining mercury lamps for specific color groups.

This case study delves into the execution, benefits, and outcomes of this cost-effective upgrade project.

Project Overview
  • Challenge

The Omet Xflex X2 flexo printing machine, renowned for its performance and reliability, relied on mercury lamps for UV curing—a method known for its energy consumption and potential heat damage to substrates.

  • Solution

iUV proposed a strategic upgrade, installing a UV LED curing system within the machine’s existing mercury lamp housing. The essence of the solution lay in creating a hybrid system: complementing the retained mercury lamps with UV LED units for improved efficiency and versatility.

  • Execution

Phase 1: Assessment and Planning
iUV’s technical team conducted a thorough assessment of the Omet Xflex X2, focusing on the compatibility between the existing mercury lamp housing and the new UV LED curing systems. A detailed plan was drawn up to facilitate smooth integration without major modifications to the machine’s structure.


Phase 2: Installation of UV LED Systems
With meticulous planning, iUV’s engineers installed UV LED curing systems directly into the original housing of the machine. The installation process was designed to be swift, minimizing downtime and ensuring the machine could return to production with minimal delay.


Phase 3: Optimization and Testing
Following installation, the team embarked on a rigorous testing phase, fine-tuning the UV LED units for optimal performance across various substrates and print jobs. This phase was crucial for achieving the desired balance between efficiency and print quality.
  • Cost Efficiency: By retaining the original mercury lamp housing and strategically replacing certain lamps with UV LED units, iUV significantly reduced the project’s cost. This approach allowed for incremental upgrades, spreading out expenses over time.


  • Reduced Installation Time: The project’s design ensured the upgrade process was quick and efficient. Leveraging existing infrastructure not only expedited installation but also minimized operational disruptions.


  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: UV LED curing technology brought about remarkable energy savings, contributing to reduced operational costs and a smaller carbon footprint.


  • Improved Print Quality: The UV LED units provided precise and consistent curing, enhancing the quality of prints with vibrant colors, sharp details, and improved durability.

iUV’s UV LED upgrade project for the Omet Xflex X2 flexo printing machine stands as a testament to the power of innovation in optimizing printing technology.

By harmoniously blending UV LED systems with traditional mercury lamps, iUV has paved the way for a new era of printing efficiency, quality, and sustainability.