Meet IUV in LABELEXPO EUROPE September 2023


If you’re looking for a prestigious host in the label and package printing industry, the LABELEXPO EUROPE is the place to be. This event is held every two years and attracts some of the biggest players in the sector. Every exhibition houses countless interested parties and exhibitors.

Leading attendees for the upcoming event include brand owners, designers, label printers, suppliers, and packaging professionals. If you’re looking for a platform to freely and comprehensively network and create new business contacts, this expo is the place to be.

Visit Booth No.3E74

IUV UV Curing Systems CEO had a lot to share regarding the upcoming expo. Speaking about a platform to exhibit the latest advancements in the industry, they shared, “There’s a lot of excitement, both internally and externally, about this expo. It is a moment to showcase leading technologies and their practical uses.”

The CEO gave further insight about what you can expect from the company during the expo. “There will be a lot of feature products for small, medium, and large-scale industry players. Top features will include self-produced water-cooling fixes and automatic measuring; web offset ink curing, LED coatings, and Flexo inks.” Added the company executive.

IUV UV Curing Systems is a proud producer of efficient systems that integrate with both manual and digital print systems.

A few of the value systems that will be on display throughout the event include;

●Intermittent label offset LED – This is a suitable solution for customized label printing needs that require high quality.

●IUV UV-LED Curing Systems – Sheet-fed offset printers can use these systems with little ease to provide fast and consistent results on paper and ink printing requirements.

●Satellite LED – The system is ideal for printing works that utilize a UV Curing system to a great extent.

●Procure LED – This is the right solution for mechanisms that have inner printing droplets.

●IUV Chiller System – The system works efficiently without overheating problems and is a suitable option for bulk work that still needs precision.

●FLEXO LED – The recent past has experienced a surge in flexographic printing. This revolutionary system combines UV LED tech in coat curing to create low-heat, efficient, and speedy curing sessions.

●IUV UV Automatic Width Measurement – The system produces uniform results by automatically measuring and aligning different measurements of the print work.

UV Mercury Curing Systems

These systems are unique as they come equipped with a dedicated lamp that contains vapor Mercury. As the electric current passes through the system, UV light is generated. You can get the lamps in various sizes and power outputs for easy and seamless integration.

Notable IUV Mercury Curing Systems include the following;

●Satellite Mercury- A versatile system that works well with a wide range of curing inks to produce consistent results.

●Sheet-fed Offset Mercury – Used mainly in the sheet-fed offset print sector, this system significantly improves the quality of your final product.

●Intermittent label offset Mercury – If you’re looking for a high degree of control over your printing and labelling needs, this is the perfect system for your work.

●IUV Chiller Mercury – UV Mercury systems are bound to heat up after continued work; the chiller Mercury system stops that from happening.

●IUV automatic width measurement Mercury – Substrates that come in various widths can be aligned for systematic curing.

●IUV HMI control system – This new and revolutionary system integrates different IUV gadgets and provides an access point to the net.

●FLEXO UV LED – The new system works best when augmented with flexographic printing systems.

Industrial Application

The label and package printing industries have been gradually growing over the years. The last couple of centuries have particularly seen a boom in these sectors. There are countless uses for these new and improved units, and IUV UV Curing Systems is right in the middle of these complex interworking projects.

With new advancements being integrated into already existing systems, the future seems bright for the label and package printing industries.

In Summary

There has been a growing interest for UV curing systems within and beyond the global ink sector. The size and scale of the upcoming LABELEXPO EUROPE 2023 in September affirms this very notion. Interact and engage with the IUV UV Curing Systems team and representatives during the expo to learn the above-mentioned topics and more.