IUV is the leading manufacturer of UV LED & UV curing systems for printing, coating and converting applications.

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We Research and Develop Arc and LED UV curing system for printing coating and converting industry

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IUV is a leading LED UV curing system manufacturer and developer for printing coating and converting industry. We had been serving printing industry since 2007.Customers worldwide choose IUV for our excellent product experience,efficient service and extremely high return on investment.

As one of the earliest manufacturers in the world to drive LED technology into the curing industry,One of our important tasks is to bring new life to existing old printing machines with our LED curing system.We are committed to promoting LED UV curing systems while producing ARC uv curing lamps in order to improve production efficiency and reduce the visible usage costs and printing management costs to customers,as well as to achieve invisible environmental benefits.

Modular and intelligent design are our product development philosophy. We are committed to contributing efficiency and low cost to the industry. Compared to traditional curing systems, our modular LED UV curing system and power supply system appears more economical, flexible and easy to operate, making printing,coating,and converting producing management easier than ever.

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We are devoted to reaching higher heights and becoming the best manufacturer and solution provider of UV curing.

We aim to attain long-term customer care support, guaranteeing that our UV-curing products run as efficiently as possible.

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As the first echelon entering the field of LED curing, innovation is rooted in the thinking of the IUV product team.And we believes Innovation is the key leads IUV.


IUV do one thing and one thing only, which is to make UV curing system to the top. It is our focus and professionalism that have enabled us become the leading Chinese manufacturer in the industry.


IUV's products are designed in a modular manner in order to reduce customer usage and management costs.


We are a solid UV curing system manufacturer with the highest quality and best-in-class service.


Customer-centrictiy is the heart of IUV. We keep tinking how to make better effect, which also push IUV to be better and better.


Customer satisfaction is IUV's eternal pursuit

"High-quality products, satisfactory service, practice customer-centric goal" is IUV's commitment. In years of practice, appreciation and smiles from our clients have been the driving force for us to move forward.

Bringing value to customers is IUV's greatest value

We not only provide a curing system, but also provide customers with a cost saving and process enhancing solution