Precision Meets Innovation in Offset Label Printing
Explore iUV's precision-driven UV LED upgrade project for the Sanki SMP-300. A case study of retrofitting expertise, enhancing print precision and efficiency.
Project Insight
  • Challenge: The Sanki SMP-300’s precision in intermittent offset printing necessitates an equally precise UV LED curing system, calling for a retrofit that aligns flawlessly with the printer’s intricate controls.
  • Action: iUV’s engineers embarked on a project to retrofit a UV LED curing system tailored to the specific operational requirements of the SMP-300. Where precision was the priority, iUV crafted a solution that fit like a glove.
The Retrofit Process: iUV's Approach
  • Analysis and Design

The project commenced with a thorough analysis of the SMP-300’s operational nuances. iUV’s engineers meticulously designed a UV LED curing system that would integrate seamlessly, mirroring the machine’s original precision.

  • Customized Integration

iUV developed a custom control system for UV LED curing that synchronized perfectly with the SMP-300’s intermittent printing cycles. Precision engineering ensured that this bespoke system met the exact requirements of the existing machine.

  • Flawless Execution

The installation focused on a non-invasive retrofit, maintaining the integrity of the SMP-300. iUV’s precise implementation meant enhanced functionality without compromising the printer’s existing attributes.

Outcomes and Benefits
  • Seamless Upgrade: iUV’s precision retrofit introduced enhanced curing speed, energy efficiency, and print quality to the SMP-300 without disrupting its innate precision.


  • Cost-Efficiency: This retrofit approach provided a cost-effective solution, avoiding the need for a complete overhaul or replacement of the existing machine.


  • Upgraded Performance: Post-upgrade, the SMP-300 experienced improved operational efficiency and print quality, underscoring the benefits of integrating modern technology with existing machinery.
Conclusion: iUV's Commitment to Perfection
The successful upgrade of the Sanki SMP-300 by iUV reflects a commitment to innovation, precision, and performance.
This case study demonstrates how tailored retrofitting can breathe new life into traditional equipment, making it competitive in the modern market without sacrificing its core qualities.